Marian Reid


Communications for Social Change

Communication for Social Change

Participatory communication supports people to tell their own stories in a way that gives them voice and agency. I offer a toolkit of participatory communication approaches, and insights on the intersection between community-owned media, storytelling and culture.

Ethical Space –
Special Issue: Visibility and cultural voice in Fataluku country

An academic article exploring the impact of community-driven media on the value, perception and visibility of culture in Timor-Leste, with research material collected from Lospalos.

Many Hands International – Photovoice and digital storytelling in Lospalos

A photovoice and digital storytelling training project with Many Hands International that investigated different ways to tell community stories and document culture.

Garland –
A social fabric: Tais weaving in Timor-Leste

Mana Fina sits down with her back-strap loom to weave. Like many women of her generation, the dye recipes, techniques and designs were passed down from her mother.

State Library of Queensland –
Memories from a forgotten people

A digital storytelling project with the Australian South Sea Islander community. Hearing
unknown stories as told by the descendants of a forgotten people. 

Save the Children –
The power of voice

Giving children and young people the chance to be heard can change their lives. From participatory photography to mapping their cities, here are three ways technology and media give children a platform to have their say.