Marian Reid


Creative work and Travel Writing

Creative and Travel Writing

My creative work is informed by place, people and culture. I’m interested in tracing traditional practices in modern times, curious about the past life of buildings, and always seeking stories that document the identity of a community. 

An Artist Residency in Iceland

A series of works in response to the small fishing village of Skagaströnd. For two months I lived in a tiny Icelandic village. I was inspired by landscapes, disused buildings and the people I met in this remote corner of the Northern Hemisphere. 

BBC Travel –
Chasing shadows and light in Iran

Exploring Iran's desert towns, where 3,000 years of generations have adapted to the harsh environment
to create a timeless world of mud-brick bazaars, subterranean aqueducts and wind-catchers. 

BBC Travel –
The way of the shepherd: Horse trekking through Kyrgyzstan

The most authentic way to see Central Asia’s dramatic landscapes is on horseback, following the traditional trails of nomadic herders deep into the remote mountainous regions.

BBC Travel –
Be good to yourself in Chiang Mai

Organic cafes, eco clothing boutiques and wellness retreats are popping up all over Thailand's northern city, inspired by its long-held traditions of massage and arts. Discover five simple ways to be good to yourself.

ROAM Magazine –
Salting fish and other tales: Tracing lived traditions in an Icelandic village

Salting fish and folklore, weaving and prophecy – these are the stories on which the Icelandic town of Skagaströnd was built. This is a two-part piece written for ROAM.

BBC Travel –
New Zealand's mighty 'Rine of the South'

A canoe trip down the Whanganui River, tucked away on the North Island, offers travellers the perfect combination of abundant natural splendour, history and adventure.

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